5 Most Common Architect Fallacies

Behind every beautifully designed building is a brilliant architect or a team of architects. But, have you ever wondered if everything that we think we know about architects are true?

Read on to find out at least 5 of the most common architect fallacies.

Architects Have the Same Qualifications

As architectural firms have different expertise, so do architects. Despite graduating with the same degree, they have their own fields of expertise.

Before hiring an architect, be sure that they fit your needs. Don’t shy away from asking for their portfolio to give you a better idea of what they are really good at.

Only One Architect Worked on The Project

Another fallacy that is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that it often takes a team of architects to produce the required outcome.

This is true particularly for large scale projects. Sure, there is a lead architect, but it always is a product of teamwork.

Creativity Is the Number One Requirement to be an Architect

Architectural design is more of a combination of geometry and computer aided design than sheer creativity.

Creativity is needed but it would be more of a creative way to solve the problem instead of an artist’s creativity.

Architects Earn High Salaries

Nothing is farthest from the truth than this fallacy. They do earn a very decent salary but not enough to let them bask in the sun doing nothing for too long.

It is quite safe to say that most architects are on the upper middle-class range. 

Hiring an Architect Can Be Expensive

A fallacy that really needs to be cleared. Architectural firms may look glamorous and snazzy, but they don’t charge their clients an exorbitant fee.

In fact, architectural firms would be more than happy to take your business, listen to your thoughts, and provide you with designs that would fit your budget. They can even provide you with some suggestions on how you can save money on your project.

After reading the fallacies in my list here at Contart 2016, doesn’t it make you wonder how true the other supposedly “well-known” facts about architects are?

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